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JVA Wine Application Form
How to apply
  • Application deadline May 27, 2022 (Friday) 17:00
  • ​​ If there are many applications, the reception may be closed early.
  • JVA wine is limited in production, so please forgive it if it is sold out. If applications are concentrated in a short period of time, you may not be able to purchase even if you apply .
  • Please fill out the form below and apply.
  • JVA wine can only be shipped within Japan.
  • We do not sell alcoholic beverages to people under the age of 20.
  • Please cooperate with age confirmation to prevent drinking by people under the age of 20.
Contact the payment method
  • From the beginning of June, the JVA secretariat will inform you of the payment method to the email address you entered in the form.
  • Payment method will be bank transfer (transfer fee paid by the customer)
  • Please make the payment within the deadline stated in the payment method guidance email.
  • We will accept the formal application with the payment.
  • If payment is not made within the deadline, it will be canceled.
* Payment methods will be notified by email only. We will not contact you by mail.
* E-mail cannot be received if the e-mail reception refusal setting is set. Please cancel the reception refusal setting or set so that you can receive "@ ".

JVA wine sales (Japan Wine Viticulture Association)
  5173-1 Kano, Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture
For inquiries, please contact info ◎ (please change ◎ to @)
  • The information entered in this form will be used to properly accept and manage JVA wine applications.

  • We will not transfer or use this personal information to a third party except when requested by a public institution such as a court or police agency.


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