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JVA Supported Wine

Sales of JVA Supported Wine

Applications for the first sale of JVA Support Wine have closed.

Regarding future sales schedule, we will inform you again on the website.

We will be selling a set of 5 bottles of wine, limited to 500 sets, in order to raise funds widely from those who support our association's activities.
The name of the wine is "Vignerons' Hope". This is a unique and valuable wine made by the directors of our association by calling out to the producers in various places and packing their own ideas and challenges.
List price 55,000 yen (including consumption tax and shipping). All profits from the sale of the wine set will be used for the activities of the association, which aims to build a foundation for the wine and grape cultivation industry in Japan.

The first distribution is scheduled for late January to February 2023. The following 3 books will be delivered to you in order.

1. Nagano Chardonnay 2019 Barrel Aged
Brewing: Kusunoki Winery (Nagano Prefecture) 

[Comment from Director Shigeyuki Kusunoki (Representative Director of Kusunoki Winery Co., Ltd.)]
In Nagano in 2019, the sugar content rises slowly, and preparation starts in October. The style has a strong sense of crisp minerality, but it also has a solid body with fruitiness and complexity. It becomes delicious after bottle ripening. Chardonnay was kindly shared with the 16 producers who showed understanding for JVA's activities. Dear wine drinkers, we believe that purchasing this JVA wine set including Chardonnay is a big step towards the sound development of Japanese wine in the future. Let's share this opportunity and make great Japanese wine together! 
[16 producers in Nagano cooperate]
Azumi Apple, Azumino Winery, Arcane Vigne, Izutsu Wine, Villa Dest Winery, Shinano Wine, Vino della Gatta Sakaki, San Cousaire, Takayashiro Farm & Winery, Terre de Ciel, Hasumi Farm, Hayashi Farm, Ludevan, Masino Wine , Northern Alps Vineyard, Kusunoki Winery (in no particular order, all Nagano Prefecture)
2. Pinot Noir 2020 (tentative name)
Brewing: 10R Winery (Hokkaido)  


[Comment from Director Bruce Gutlove (GK 10R, Representative Employee)]
2020 was blessed with good weather. This wine is a collection of Pinot Noir from the best plots of wonderful producers in Hokkaido. Under the leadership of the leader, Katsuko Sasaki of Norakuzo, the producers gather, and after a thorough selection, they are hand-removed. Fermented in Japan's first egg-shaped concrete tank with wild yeast. Unfiltered in barrel aged 7 months (30% new oak). The wine has a rich and deep aroma. It has an elegant taste of fruits, gentle tannins, and acidity typical of Hokkaido. Japan still lacks the accumulation of knowledge on wine grape cultivation and the infrastructure to support the industry. It takes time and effort to change. The producers who sympathized with this sent beautiful grapes to realize a bright future as soon as possible, and this is a wine made with great care. Feel our hopes for the future.
[Cooperating with 9 producers in Hokkaido] 
Norakugura, Nakazawa Vineyard, KONDO Vineyard, Kimura Farm, Mongakudani Winery, Domaine Takahiko, Sapporo Fujino Winery, Kamihoro Wine (in no particular order, all Hokkaido), Coco Farm Winery (Yoichi grapes)
3. Hokuriku / Tohoku Chardonnay / Albariño 2021 (tentative name)
Brewing: Curve Dotch (Niigata Prefecture)

[Comment from Director Fumito Kakegawa (Director of Curve Dotch Co., Ltd.)]
The popular Albariño, which received a great response at the JVA seminar, was blended with Chardonnay to create a single wine. The theme is "Potential of Albariño as a supplementary variety". After discussion with the three companies, we decided to blend with Chardonnay, which is currently the largest production volume in Vinifera. Fermented in stainless steel tanks after pressing in all bunches for each production area, and blended after fermentation. Although the resulting wine is based on Chardonnay, you can feel the gorgeous aroma and rich acidity of Albariño. Through this JVA wine, I was strongly convinced that "the introduction of new varieties not only creates one wonderful wine, but also has the potential to raise the quality of other existing wines." Please purchase this wine and support the activities of JVA.
[Cooperating producers]
Says Farm (Toyama Prefecture), Woody Farm (Yamagata Prefecture), Curve Dotch (Niigata Prefecture)
4. 九州シャルドネ 2022 (2024年春発送予定​)
【醸造を担当した古屋浩二理事(三和酒類安心院葡萄酒工房 工房長)のコメント】
[Cooperating producers]
Says Farm (Toyama Prefecture), Woody Farm (Yamagata Prefecture), Curve Dotch (Niigata Prefecture)
Production areas such as Yamanashi and Kyushu are scheduled to follow for the 4th and 5th ones. It will be shipped after 2024.
JVA Wine Sales
(Japan Wine and Grape Cultivation Association)
〒386-0505  5173-1 Kazu, Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture
For inquiries, please contact info◎ (Please change ◎ to @)
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